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Soccer Today! on SPN May 5th, 2020 News and We Continue Our K-League Preview

Today on ST,

Kevin and Duane talk about the latest news regarding the return of soccer in Germany and in the Premier League.

Plus, the K-League Week continues with a look at three more teams.

Soccer Today! On SPN March 4th, 2020 Wanyama Joins IMFC As A DP and MLS Beats NHL In Ratings During Week 1

Today on ST,

Kevin and Duane talk about Montreal’s new Designated Player Victor Wanyama, what his role might be, what does it mean tactically and more.

Plus, they talk about TV ratings in the United States, more specifically how all MLS games except one last weekend did better in the 18-49 demographic than the NHL did in the same demographic. What does it mean? It is the beginning of a trend?