Tag: Black Lives Matter

The Scrum Podcast – Episode 90 – Sports Protesting After Jacob Blake Shooting

This week, Julian and Tristan discuss the protest efforts of major sports leagues in light of a Black man, Jacob Blake, being shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Julian and Tristan also focus on how late the NHL was in participating and if they’ve made up for it.

Women’s Soccer Review Podcast Episode 15 – NWSL Challenge Cup with Julia Poe of the Orlando Sentinel

On this episode of the Women’s Soccer Review,

Jonathan Tannenwald talks to Julia Poe of the Orlando Sentinel about the first weekend of play in the NWSL Challenge Cup, the anthem controversy, and more!

Plus, Jonathan and producer Kevin talk about important sports and social topics in the second half of the show.

A great show as always, check it out!