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7 responses to “SOCCER TODAY!”

  1. […] gang is half here and joined by special guest Soccer Today‘s Duane Rollins (@24thminute) to discuss the historic night that was Tuesday against the US, […]


  2. […] gang is mostly hear with Soccer Today‘s Duane Rollins (@24thminute) to discuss the world’s greatest women’s player ever […]


  3. storminator16 Avatar

    The latest show, I’m pissed about this comment about states returning to the status quo although COVID is going on: “I’m looking for a moderate viewpoint.”. What? Do you want a factual viewpoint (which you guys did state the numbers so I’m confused) or a BS viewpoint? Because that’s what I hear when I hear you ask for a “moderate viewpoint”.

    Let’s keep it real, the US is pushing for a return to normalcy all because it won’t bail it’s citizens out at the behest of the 1% who rather the 99% get their arses back to work. The anger you see with George Floyd has been magnified because people were already angry and are sick and tired of the crap. Numbers will spike because of all the protests alone. If sports want to resume right now, I guarantee you that a player will be in ICU by August. Bank on it.


  4. storminator16 Avatar

    For anyone who may want to spin my last comment as “political”, then you are a moron and part of the problem.


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