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Soccer Today! on SPN July 2nd, 2020 MLS Is Back In Jeopardy with Kevin Baxter of the L.A. Times

Today on ST,

Kevin and Duane talk to Kevin Baxter, staff writer of the L.A.Times, to talk about his recent article about the MLS Is Back Tournament and its predicament with the recent rise of COVID-19 cases in Florida.

A great show as always, check it out!

Soccer Today! on SPN June 23rd, 2020 MLS Is Back Miami Talk with Alex Donno and Orlando Pride Withdraws From the NWSL Challenge Cup

Today on ST,

Kevin and Duane talk to Alex Donno, Miami sports and radio personality, about Inter Miami and their turbulent first few months of existence with the pandemic, they talk about the Orlando Pride withdrawing from the NWSL Challenge Cup and about the possible ramifications of the recent spike in Florida on the Challenge Cup and the MLS Is Back tournament.

Soccer Today! On SPN March 4th, 2020 Wanyama Joins IMFC As A DP and MLS Beats NHL In Ratings During Week 1

Today on ST,

Kevin and Duane talk about Montreal’s new Designated Player Victor Wanyama, what his role might be, what does it mean tactically and more.

Plus, they talk about TV ratings in the United States, more specifically how all MLS games except one last weekend did better in the 18-49 demographic than the NHL did in the same demographic. What does it mean? It is the beginning of a trend?