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Soccer Today! On SPN February 5th 2020 Are Kits Important, Olympic Qualifiers And Loanees In MLS

Today on ST,

Kevin and Duane talk about kits in MLS, about what they actually mean and what would the kit market look like in an Utopian north american soccer scene.

Soccer Today! On SPN January 29th 2020 Ottawa Announcement Is Coming And The Crew Considering A Rebrand

Today on ST,
Kevin and Duane talk about the Canadian Premier League’s 8th team teaser video, Jeff Hunt and Atletico Madrid.
Plus, they talk about a recent article in the Columbus Dispatch by Michael Arace talking about the Crew considering a potential rebrand when they move into their new stadium in 2021 and how risky of an idea a full rebrand could be for one of the original MLS team.