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I was blogging before they called it blogging. My first site, was launched in 2001. It covered CIS football and it did pretty good. But, I had to use, like, actual HTML to post and it became too much to keep up at the level I wanted it to. Eventually, I joined the blog Out of Left Field, which was a delightfully off-beat general sports blog ran by Neate Sager. That lead to my own thing, the 24thMinute, a TFC blog. That eventually was hosted on theScore (RIP) and was hitting high notes at the height of the independent sports blog era. I've done a bunch of stuff since, but that was when it was the most fun. This is my attempt to have fun at this stuff again (and it's a tip of the hat to Out of Left Field). No rules. No focus. Just a throwback to when we blogged for fun and didn't worry about the traffic.
I write professionally in a business environment now and I podcast daily on, but that doesn't matter here.
Here, I'm just gonna blog like it's 2009!