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I was blogging before they called it blogging. My first site, was launched in 2001. It covered CIS football and it did pretty good. But, I had to use, like, actual HTML to post and it became too much to keep up at the level I wanted it to. Eventually, I joined the blog Out of Left Field, which was a delightfully off-beat general sports blog ran by Neate Sager. That lead to my own thing, the 24thMinute, a TFC blog. That eventually was hosted on theScore (RIP) and was hitting high notes at the height of the independent sports blog era. I've done a bunch of stuff since, but that was when it was the most fun. This is my attempt to have fun at this stuff again (and it's a tip of the hat to Out of Left Field). No rules. No focus. Just a throwback to when we blogged for fun and didn't worry about the traffic.
I write professionally in a business environment now and I podcast daily on, but that doesn't matter here.
Here, I'm just gonna blog like it's 2009!

Duane’s Island Games Preview (2020 CanPL Preview)

Listen to the latest Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast for the preview show Pacific – 2019 finish: 8-7-13 (combined), 5th Returning players: 10 players return from a young and exciting team that was […]