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Canadian Olympic Committee Leads By Example, The World To Follow

Late last night, the Canadian Olympic Committee announced their decision to not send any athletes to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, if the Games are not postponed by a year. Canada is the first country to take this bold stand.

Since that announcement, multiple Canadian Olympic athletes have applauded the decision taken by the COC, like Evan Dunfee, Race Walking World Championship Medalist, and Pan Am Games Champion.


The lack of a quick decision-making process by the International Olympic Committee forced the COC to be the first one to take this leap of faith. The last thing the COC wants to do is forbid their athletes to compete, but by being the first Committee to announce their plans, they are forcing the IOC into action and are putting the pressure on other notable Olympic Committees.

Australia has already followed suit by informing their athletes to adjust to a 2021 Olympic Games.

The World is expected to follow today.

The IOC, out of touch as they are, will make a decision in four weeks.

Listen to the longest-running Olympic Podcast, Evan Dunfee joins us in the next episode.

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