How To Scratch Your Soccer Itch

It has been over a week and we all feel like the Javier Pena as Pablo Escobar meme right about now.

narcos meme

There are multiple ways to fill your free time for the upcoming weeks. Of course, working from home is always a good option, but let’s all be honest, it does nothing to scratch that soccer itch.

I, like many, have been looking at a few different ways to fill that soccer void in my COVID-19 reality.

Here are some suggestions that might help you fill that void, or maybe make you miss soccer even more. I’m not a doctor. Results may vary.



Watch a random soccer game from the past.

I have a suggestion for you, how about we watch a random game from the FA Cup. Searching on Youtube for a random…and we have a winner. Let’s watch Blackburn Rovers vs Kettering Town, Third Round from January 4th, 1992.

Oh good old Standard Definition, how I have missed you, not.


Use Your Free Time To Understand One of the Best Board Games of All Time

Subbuteo always seemed fun and really cool to me. I have never pushed that thought further, nor have I actually tried to understand how to play or where to actually get a game though. Maybe now is the time, or maybe now is the time to grow a glorious mullet like Carl Pownall.

Anyways, here is a great article on Subbuteo so you can actually learn about this amazing game and sub-culture of the football world.

carl pownall

Carl Pownall, image credit The Irish Times


Discover and Play Lesser-Known Soccer Board Games

Subbuteo is great, but if you are looking for something a bit more tactical and a bit more soccer geeky, look no further.

Introducing Soccer Tactics World-The Board Game That Kicks. (best sub-title name ever)




Play FIFA 20 or Football Manager, With A Twist

Of course, we could be like thousands of other sites and suggest you play FIFA and/or Football Manager to pass the time and fill that footy void in your life. That would be easy, really easy. How about you play them with this particular ruleset and goal. You play with the rival of your favorite team, your goal is to get them relegated after year one, but not get fired in the process. You need to last 12 months and get your team relegated or wooden spoon if an MLS club. Here is Duane Rollins favorite example, you play as Manchester United, you do all you can to sabotage the club, sell/trade players, fire scouts, lose games and get relegated, without being sacked.

If you succeed in this challenge, post a proof in the comments below.



Discover a New Mini-Series About The Origins Of The Beautiful Game

So, a period piece, in England, about soccer and by the producers of Downtown Abbey?

I give you The English Game, available now on Netflix.


We will review it on Soccer Today next week.


Remembering The Past and The Fact That Vinnie Jones Was A Player

A documentary about how football used to be, in all its shin-breaking and ankle-snapping action. Even the publicity for this video described it as “the toughest football video in history”.

Need I say more.


What, The 1984 Soccer Bowl Was Held In Canada, Eh?

But, it really did.

In 2014, 30 years after the last ball was kicked, Duane Rollins and I talked to three guests who were either present, playing or very implicated in the last breaths of the former league!

Dave Bailey, a supporter who was present at Varsity Stadium that night, Bruce Wilson, Captain of Team Canada at the 1986 World Cup and played for the Blizzard that night and finally Bob Lenarduzzi, Whitecaps, and NASL Legend!


Listen to the Titanic Band of Soccer Podcasting

The bad mouth would even call us the cockroaches of the podcast world. Podcasting until society crumbles, or June. We are not going anywhere though and it turns out that podcasting is a very social-distancing friendly activity.

Live Monday to Friday at 11am on our Twitter feed @SoccerTodaySPN

Podcast available everywhere you get your podcast.

Until next time, have a great soccer.

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