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Off The Woodworkx March 3rd, 2020 Breaking News Victor Wanyama To Join IMFC From Tottenham Hotspur

Off The Woodworkx March 3rd, 2020 Breaking News Victor Wanyama To Join IMFC From Tottenham Hotspur

Today on a Breaking News edition of OTW,

Kevin talks about Montreal’s new Designated Player, Victor Wanyama, coming to Montreal from Tottenham Hotspur on a free transfer.

At the time of the recording, his designated player status was not known.

We are back! Mostly for patrons as we need to keep the lights on, but Off the Woodworkx is back covering the Montreal Impact and more from a unique perspective.

Previews, interviews, pre-game, and post-game shows and more will be available on the 5$ tier of our VIP section available here. https://patreon.com/sportspodcastingnetwork

Thank you for your support and here’s to a great journey together through the river of life that is the year 2020.

Until next time, have a great soccer!

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  1. Salut.
    Sorry but everyone is trying to find a formation to make two defensive mid work… 3-4-3, 3 mids, etc…in reality, this is byebye to Piette. I dont want two defensive player midfield on the field and im sure fans wouldn’t be excited at the David Moyes approach..
    And while competition is good, DM was not a priority like orher position. The management thought otherwise.
    Thats why im not elated. Spending DP money on DM seems wrong.

    As for the league, havent seen even impact play more than 15mins this year: practices wed evening and games on saturday. Its like i keep telling people, the most hardcore fans are those that dont play …or have kids.😁 If you have two kids who play, you can count on your hand how many times you can watch a home game.(the flex package is made for soccer families.) That’s why i need a podcast to keep me abreast of things especially since we got rid of Gazette specifically because of their epically bad coverage, english community radio is almost as bad and none on tv. The amount of people that are unaware the season starts is always high but this year it was worse than usual, the CL was a surprise to many casuals (two day before first CL game, i went through a Gazette at a restaurant and they had zero mention of the game…useless kitty litter liner.
    Of course, if the mls live wasnt trash…wed watch more aeay from home. Instead we got the kids an NBA Live pass which for 60$ gives me 8games per month which we watch everywhere. Yes, we know about rojadirecta and soccerstreams.net but NBA pass is great.


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