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5 Rings Podcast #85 Evan Dunfee Interview Take 2 and the Genevieve Jeanson Story

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Today on the 5 Rings Podcast,

Duane and Kevin had the pleasure to talked to TO 2015 Pan Am Games 20KM RaceWalk Gold Medalist Evan Dunfee about the 2015 Pan Am Games, about his training for Rio 2016 and the main focus of the interview, his investigative work relating to the Russian Athletics Federation scandal and everything surrounding it and how an athlete views the sporting landscape right now!

Also, Duane and Kevin talked about the recent Genevieve Jeanson interview on Cycling News, her story and how the doping issue is way more complicated and convaluted then people imagine.

Plus, a discussion about the upcoming Euro 2016 Draw!

Until next time, own your podium folks!


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