The Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast

Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast Special Edition with Matt Johnson of 54-40 and Belize-Canada, Yo Gat Dat Right!

Today on this very special edition of the Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast,

Duane and Kevin had the pleasure to talk Canadian Soccer and Whitecaps with Matt Johnson, drummer of 54-40 and long-time Canadian Soccer enthusiast!

Plus, they broke down the 1-1 (4-1 on aggregate) result of the CanMNT vs Belize and yes, they broke down has well the stream of the actual 2nd leg, commercials included! Yo Gat Dat Right!

This show is brought to you by Benny’s, The #1 Store!

Make your choice, are you Team Benny’s

or Team Phillip’s Bakery

The Fall Collection of the Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast is available for a limited time only!!

Until next time, have a great soccer!


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